Fox Hollow

Then & Now

In a tranquil setting, set amidst over twenty two acres of woodland and open fields; the Residence and Gardens of Fox Hollow will transport you to an era of time reminiscent of the "Genteel Manor and Garden tradition of Europe. The Butler's Quarters and the Coach House represent the Tudor period found in the rural south of France; revealing steeped pitched roofs with quaint dormers. Stone, stucco and 
exposed timber framing all lead to the ideal of the Medieval Story book image, which speaks imaginatively "Once upon a time."


The Gardens are the reinforcing gem that unfolds the reality that you have crossed 
a portal into another time and place. The long formal vista with sculpted shrubs 
lined in precision appears as if the Queen's guard are on watch over the French Parterre and Knott Garden. Espaliered pear and apple trees embrace the textured courtyard walls and the round towers.  Pleeched trees and fragrant roses complement the fountainsand elegant statuary.